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      On the call Wednesday night, November 18, Chris and Lester raised the desire to work together on a library. I’m opening this topic to kick off the discussion.

      I would be interested in working on protocol implementations, either from scratch in different languages, wrapping a native library, or a combination of both. I’ve been interested in Apache Arrow, but I’m not tied to any specific protocol or library.

      Other ideas?

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      Wrt other ideas, I’m also interested in diving into ML projects in various languages. I have been looking at Julia and Swift, but I’ve long wanted to try something in Clojure, as well. I’m currently writing some of this in Python. If others have insights, I’d love to learn where I should be considering other languages and how to tie all these things together.

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      In the OCaml world, there’s a relatively new project called Owl that is strongly inspired by Numpy and R and has a strong focus on machine learning. So ML in ML. https://ocaml.xyz/

      I’ve actually been trying to get one of the Owl developers to speak at a future meeting, but they seem to all be in Europe or Japan, making it difficult.

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