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      Aloha Kākou,
      EOEL (Exec. Office on Early Learning) is moving very quickly to find a vendor to build an online dashboard for monitoring progress of Hawaiʻi’s Early Childhood State Plan. Mahalo for forwarding this to anyone you know who might be interested.
      Early Childhood Dashboard Development
      Executive Office on Early Learning, State of Hawai‘i

      Dashboard Developer
      Scope of Work
      EOEL requires a contractor to develop a data dashboard for the Early Childhood Hawai‘i website (https://www.earlychildhoodhawaii.com/) and provide training and technical assistance to 3-4 EOEL staff members to maintain, and improve the new dashboard. The dashboard must be visually consistent with the existing design of the website and include a range of user-friendly data visualizations that are interactive, informative, and clearly aligned with the objectives of the Hawai‘i Early Childhood State Plan. EOEL will provide the necessary data. The contractor will work with EOEL to determine the most appropriate software and/or web-based platform (e.g., Google Data Studio, Tableau) and to design the site to clearly and effectively visualize data for the intended audiences.
      Training for EOEL staff to build, maintain, and improve the dashboard must be sufficient to prepare staff members to independently sustain the dashboard’s usefulness beyond the contract period. Frequency and duration of training is negotiable.

      The contractor will provide technical assistance to support EOEL (as needed) in updating and expanding the dashboard for up to 15 hours over 3 months to begin upon completion of dashboard development and training.

      Finally, the contractor shall create a user manual that instructs EOEL personnel in the creation and maintenance of the database and dashboard.

      Compensation and Payment Schedule

      To be determined

      Time of Performance
      Dashboard development and training are expected to begin in July 2021, upon execution of the contract, with a draft of the dashboard to be completed by September 1, 2021. The period for technical assistance shall begin upon completion of training and continue for 3 months. The target end date of the contract is December 1, 2021.

      Submission of Quotes

      Interested vendors should email quotes for the proposed work, along with a brief description of experience and qualifications, by Wednesday, June 16, 2021 to Jeff Larson at jeffrey.larson@eoel.hawaii.gov. Please provide price quotes for each component of the proposed work: dashboard development, training and training manual for EOEL staff, and technical assistance.
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      Is there a link I can share on my linkedin page? I know a few contractors who might be qualified.

      More importantly–does this include travel to Hawai’i?

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