Debasish Ghosh, “Functional and Algebraic Domain Modeling”

Debasish’s material related to effects and domain modeling:

Congratulations to Chris Bremer, John Cavnar-Johnson, and Steve Bolman who won free copies of Debasish’s book Functional and Reactive Domain Modeling from Manning Press. Manning is also providing the code “mtphfpug21” to all HFPUG members for 35% any of their products. Use the link:

Debasish’s books:

A heavily edited chat log, restricted to just the online resources that participants mentioned:

19:08:16 From Claude Rubinson To Everyone : 35% discount code for all Manning products: mtphfpug21 Use this link:
20:02:18 From Forrest Akin To Everyone : re: implementing algebraic structures in languages lacking built-in support for such constructs, this might be useful
20:02:19 From Forrest Akin To Everyone :
20:09:34 From Forrest Akin To Everyone : re: other interesting algebras to check out in, there’s a lot of fun to be had in the extended functor family (covariant functors, contravariant functors, profunctors - oh my!)
20:17:09 From David Lewis To Everyone :
20:18:01 From Forrest Akin To Everyone : Tom Harding has a nice little talk from last year on using propagators for world generation
20:19:16 From Lester Buck To Everyone :

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